Single-Family Homes in Central Pennsylvania

R&L Homes has more than 40 years of experience building custom homes for Pennsylvania families. We can design and build on your private lot or you can choose from a brand-new home in one of our beautiful new communities. We build homes that offer lasting value for owners. From the foundation to the roof, we use the latest in home energy-efficient materials and construction techniques, helping to reduce long-term ownership costs including utility bills, repairs and renovations. Our communities feature beautiful single-family homes. These houses are great for families who crave more space than an apartment or townhome could offer.

Why Build With Us?

At R&L Homes, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our goal ever since our founding has been to build high-quality homes at fair prices for our customers.

All single-family homes come with a warranty, so you’ll never have to question the quality of materials or workmanship in your new home. We have never missed a completion date in more than 15 years of building, so you can be sure that we’ll get you’re your family into your new home as quickly as possible without cutting corners in the construction process.


Learn about our single family home communities: Morgans Run & Tall Oaks

Single Family Homes in Middletown, PA | Hisghspire Site Map | Morgans Run | R&L HomesHighspire Site Map
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Morgans Run (Highspire Community)

At Morgans Run you’ll feel like you have left the city far behind, when in fact, you are only minutes from Rt. 283 and the PA-Turnpike giving you easy access to work, shopping, and entertainment centers in Harrisburg, Hershey and Lancaster. This community provides great family homes with modern features that you can customize. Interior plans are beautifully designed with an abundance of natural light and a 2-car garage offers greater convenience.

The community of Morgans Run can accommodate a variety of home plans. Choose from our existing designs, or bring in your own ideas. You can personalize your home further with your choice of colors, fixtures, appliances and more. Upgrade options are also available. Contact us for more information on Morgans Run.


Letort Meadows DirectionsMorgan Drive
Middletown, PA

School District:

Middletown Area School District

For more information about Morgans Run, contact:

Jerilynn Mease
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services
Office:  717.673.4318

Single Family Homes in New Cumberland, PA | Fairview Site Map | Tall Oaks | R&L HomesFairview Site Map
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Tall Oaks (Fairview Township Community)

We apply the highest standards to building our communities and we are just as demanding when it comes to choosing a location to build our single family homes. For us, it’s not just about finding a location, it’s finding the right location. The community of Tall Oaks is a gem. Surrounded by wooded land, you’ll have the feeling of seclusion while being close to Harrisburg’s West Shore and the major highways that connect you to nearby cities and communities. Homes have lots up to 7 acres and the community features breathtaking panoramic views of downtown Harrisburg and natural wooded hills.

Each single family home offers a variety of standard and upgrade options for your new home. Choose from a selection of designer colors, lighting fixtures, flooring, cabinets, counters, bath fixtures, and more. With R&L Homes, you can customize your new home to fit your lifestyle.  Contact us for more information about the Tall Oaks Community.


Letort Meadows DirectionsTall Oak Rd
New Cumberland, PA

School District:


For more information about Tall Oaks, contact:

Garrett Rothman
RSR Realtors, LLC
Office:  717.763.1212


Why Choose New Custom Homes for Sale in Central PA?

Choosing a brand-new or custom home helps your dream become a reality, with some significant advantages over buying an older or existing home. A large percentage of homes currently being sold were previously owned and often come with numerous challenges, including repair, remodeling and maintenance.

A new or custom home provides major advantages and guarantees a less-stressful home-buying experience. With a newly constructed home, you are assured of low maintenance and can enjoy significant savings on energy bills, repairs and renovations. Here are some other advantages:

  1. Energy Efficiency

Custom-built homes allow the use of up-to-date technologies for energy efficiency. Better insulation, better windows, more efficient toilets, electrical wiring and energy-saving HVAC systems all contribute to the long-term benefits of having an energy-efficient home.

Newly constructed homes also come with eco-friendly appliances, which reduce monthly utility bills. Most custom-built homes are energy-efficient, but you can take your new home construction even further by incorporating even more energy-saving technologies, like solar panels.

  1. Custom Appliances

Being able to incorporate the features and appliances you want in your new home can be good for your wallet in the long run. Handpicking the appliances you need and customizing them to suit your home is one of the biggest advantages of building a new custom home.

At R&L Homes, we offer personalization of design and structural features such as countertops, cabinets, appliances and more. Buying a previously owned home may cost you a lot more when you factor in the fact that many things may need to be changed to accommodate your current needs.

  1. Privacy

Building a custom home according to your specifications allows you to maximize the amount of privacy you require.

At R&L homes, we will work with you to help you figure out the type of orientation which is most beneficial to achieving the privacy you need. We will also help you come up with creative ways to harness as much natural light as possible while still maintaining a private layout for your new home. Buying an existing home may not give you as much privacy as you’d want.

  1. Green Features

When you construct a home from the ground up, you can easily incorporate green features to enhance the home’s efficiency. On the other hand, retrofitting an already existing home with green features is difficult — and sometimes prohibitively expensive.

With a custom home, you can plan to harness passive solar energy and significantly reduce your energy bills. You can also decide to use water-saving appliances throughout the home.

  1. Less Stress

The real estate market is becoming more and more competitive. Setting aside time to visit prospective homes is not an easy process and can cause undesirable stress in your life. Working with a builder will give you control over the home-building process from start to finish and saves you the stress of hunting for a home that matches your specifications.

Once your home is ready, you will be able to move in without any immediate repairs or renovations.

  1. Financial Advantages

Finally, new and custom-built homes often come with a warranty. These warranties cover minor repairs and replacements of elements like windows and heating and air-conditioning systems. Another added benefit is the option of financing your upgrades through your mortgage in the original purchasing price. With pre-owned homes, renovations and repairs will come out of your pocket.

If you’re looking for new custom homes in Central PA, call R&L Homes today. We have the proficiency and knowledge to build the best custom house for you. Contact us at (717) 730-7050 to learn more about what we do.