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R&L Construction is a full service construction company committed to fair pricing, quality workmanship and timely completion. We manage capital improvements, facility upgrades, preventative maintenance, and new construction. R&L provides complete, rapid and affordable maintenance and repair services for residential and commercial property owners. Our products include windows, doors, siding, roofing decking, countertops, and much more. Our success is based on a shared personal commitment of reliability, performance, quality, and customer service.


Maintenance Services

R&L Construction is your go-to maintenance company in PA. We understand keeping up with community maintenance may be difficult as your community grows and expands. Keeping up with maintaining areas such as windows, siding and decking is a challenge until you have the professionals come in. When you get in contact with R&L Construction, we provide preventative maintenance services to ensure your homes not only are clean and up-to-date, but are also safe from further maintenance problems. Our upkeep amenities include products like decking, railings, kitchens and countertops as well as baths, and commercial doors.

Renovation Services

We offer renovation services that apply to various property types such as windows, doors, countertops, toilet partitions and accessories, baths and kitchens for residential or commercial partners. We even renovate other areas of your community homes like siding, railings, roofing, decking, commercial doors and hardware. We restore areas back to ideal conditions to make them look refreshed. Renovations by R&L Construction include new windows and doors to make your community seem new all over again. We update certain features to a new standard, whether it’s repainting a room or installing new light fixtures and railings.

Remodeling Services

Whether you require major or minor improvements, R&L Construction will work to get your area looking better than before. If your properties are in need of remodeling for outdated kitchens, our expert team will create a new space with functional applications. Are you looking to improve siding for a better appearance? We can upgrade it in no time. When you want to alter the specific use of space, that’s where we come in! Remodeling pays more attention to detail compared to renovations. While some people see the two as the same term, remodeling also transforms an entire space compared to only uplifting some details or features.

Construction Services

Our specialists execute construction from top to bottom — from the foundation and kitchen sink to the windows and ceiling. When you want to begin building for your community, you can get in touch with R&L Construction so we can start creating your ideal community! We are schedule-sensitive and uphold a 15-year record of constructing homes on-time. We’ve constructed homes across Central PA to fit your residents’ lifestyle and location, along with your budget and space. You may want country-style homes or townhouses to accommodate people in your area, but either way, our construction services meet or exceed your expectations.

Why Choose R&L Construction?

We understand how important your property is to you and that’s why we offer a combination of experience, skill, and personal service. With R&L Homes, you’re not just getting a contractor you’re getting a real estate construction expert on your side. We have a dedicated Project Manager to work with you during every step of the process from managing your budget to the final details of the project.


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Instead of applying expensive and unnecessary features to your community or office building, we work with each client’s vision with a mindfulness toward their budget. When you have a specific idea in mind, we make sure it becomes a reality. R&L Construction only installs products that are ensured to uphold superior quality. Our experts provide you with dependable services whether you need an upgrade, improvements, preventative maintenance or new construction.

We customize interiors and employ an enthusiastic team of contractors to ensure consistency with each job. Contact R&L Construction online or call a representative at 717-730-7050.