Townhome & Condominium Services

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If you own or manage a townhome community or condominium complex, trust R&L Construction to use high-quality materials and expert construction techniques, whether you need us for facility upgrades, capital improvements, preventative maintenance or brand-new construction.

Construction Services

Our team of experts not only takes into consideration the space you have available for new homes, but also the location and lifestyle of the people you serve. We can match the style of other homes in your complex or others surrounding the area. R&L Construction can even construct common rooms, fitness centers and laundry rooms along with play areas, game rooms and new hallways for easier access.

Maintenance Services

Our team also offers preventative maintenance to catch any mishaps before they occur. Instead of calling for cleaning and repairs when things break or need drastic cleaning, we can service you beforehand. Several of our maintenance products include baths, countertops and kitchens as well as railing, decking, roofing and siding. 

Renovation Services

Renovations with us include restoring items back to ideal conditions, such as siding, windows, doors, roofing, decking and railing. We repair faulty or worn-out products to make them look new again. R&L Construction even includes renovating countertops, baths and kitchens if your community is looking for new light fixtures, finishes and more attractive spaces.

Remodeling Services

Whether you’re looking to remodel your homes, fitness center or public area, we can change the layout of an area or combine kitchens and living rooms to create more space. While renovations focus on the structural components of your buildings, remodeling often involves the interior aspects.


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No matter what you require, our team of professionals builds value along with each of our jobs. With more than 40 years of experience, R&L Construction delivers the customer service you deserve. Speak with us by calling 717-730-7050 or, for further questions, you can view our online contact page.