HOA Maintenenance, Renovations, & Remodeling Services

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Homeowners’ associations take care of entire communities by overseeing and managing areas such as parks, pools, roads and houses. When you require custom services, R&L Construction builds to accommodate your budget and space along with your neighborhood’s lifestyle and location. We ensure quality construction and materials even with simple jobs like re-painting and installing fixtures.

HOA Construction Services

As your community expands, so does the idea of constructing new buildings. If a municipal HOA wants to implement new structures, our professionals can build anything from the ground up. You may want to construct a new standard room for residents to hold meetings or events. Or you may be looking to build a new section of homes for an increasing number of people flocking to your area.

HOA Maintenance Services

We provide preventative maintenance services for doors, siding, windows, roofing, railings, decking, kitchens, baths and countertops. Whether you need us for individual areas or every home on the block, we are here as your HOA maintenance company to keep up with current conditions.

HOA Renovation Services

As your HOA renovations company, R&L Construction focuses on the building and structural components of homes and other areas in your community. If your neighborhood pool requires a new foundation or sturdier paths, we can renovate the area to keep up with appearance and safety requirements.

If houses require renovations, we won’t alter the original designs — but we will update them to a new standard. When you renovate areas within your community, you can increase the value of the homes, buildings, common areas and other locations such as sports courts and playgrounds.

HOA Remodeling Services

While many people mistake renovations and remodeling as the same thing, remodeling pays more attention to the details. You can spruce up the appearance of your buildings by remodeling living rooms, kitchens or even communal spaces. Are you finding kitchen space is limited for the families moving into your location? Remodel your homes to accommodate more functionality and appliances.

Remodeling from R&L Construction will give a new look and feel to your community. We make sure to keep you up-to-date with modern trends and the expectations of homeowners in PA.


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R&L Construction services range from facility upgrades and new construction to preventative maintenance and capital improvements for HOAs. Our dependable services work with your budget to keep your finances on track. Contact an R&L Construction representative to learn more about how we can provide HOAs with perfect solutions. You can also call 717-730-7050 for a more one-on-one conversation.