Services For Apartment Communities

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Apartment communities often range in size and the type of amenities they provide renters. When you refer to R&L Construction, we can construct apartments for sale across central PA or offer other services such as maintenance, remodeling and renovation. We provide custom options whether you require specific countertops and light fixtures or distinct building styles.

Apartment Maintenance Services

With R&L Construction as your leading apartment maintenance company, we can provide preventative maintenance to your community. Before things get away from you and cause further problems within your complex, our team of experts can maintain products such as doors, windows, roofing and siding, along with decking, railings, kitchens, countertops and baths. 

Apartment Renovation Services

An apartment renovation company like R&L Construction knows the difference between full-scale renovations and remodeling. Our company includes a team of designers and builders who renovate areas in your apartment community to restore them to better conditions. We can repair the foundation and structural features of any building. It’s vital to keep up with renovations to enhance not only your community’s appearance, but also its serviceability. We are here to work with you and work above your expectations.

Apartment Remodeling Services

Remodeling apartment facilities includes the alteration of a structure by changing up space you already have. For example, if you find your kitchens need a transformation to accommodate families or single renters, R&L Construction can remodel an area to be more functional with up-to-date components. Because we install the same products we sell, we guarantee quality.

Apartment remodeling can involve kitchens, countertops and baths. If your community needs new baths with a fresh look and feel, we can upgrade each apartment to accommodate your requirements.

Apartment Construction Services

If you own or manage an apartment complex, you can rely on our construction company to create new buildings and other areas for people to enjoy. We can build an entire row of apartment complexes as your community grows or construct a common area, dog park, playground or fitness center.

R&L Construction believes quality means sustaining the changing needs of clients with valuable services and products. We take pride in our ability to complete jobs on-time to keep your apartment community looking finished. We use quality materials and modern construction techniques no matter what you need.


RL Construction LogoRely on the Professionals at R&L Construction

Whether you own or manage an apartment community, you uphold an essential duty to maintain the appearance, build new homes and keep it contemporary. R&L Construction is the one company to call, since we do facility upgrades, new construction projects, capital improvements and preventive maintenance. We don’t merely construct buildings — we build value along the way. Contact us via phone at 717-730-7050 to speak with a representative.