Our Custom Built Communities in Central Pennsylvania

Home Contractor in Harrisburg, PA | Our Communities | R&L HomesImagine what move-in day will be like. From room to room, everything in your home is new. No walls to repaint or wallpaper to tear down, no looking past worn carpeting that might get replaced sometime or expensive renovations in hopes to have the home you want. This new home is yours. The home you've chosen that fits your lifestyle.

Pride in owning your new R & L Home comes not only from the handsome exteriors, well-crafted interiors and details you would expect in more expensive homes. R & L Home’s is beautifully affordable.

We build single family homes and townhouses with a variety of floor plans and custom home options. Choose wall color, appliances, fixtures, and counter tops with our standard and upgrade options.

Explore our communities and discover why R&L Homes is the premier home builder in central Pennsylvania.