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Lighting Fixture Options for Custom Homes & Townhomes

Nothing gives a warm welcome to a home quite like a pleasing lighting scheme. At R&L Homes, we have combined a set of modern lighting fixtures to brighten up any room. Even when they’re not on, they can still make a major statement.

Below is a comparison of these lighting fixtures.


Bathroom Four Light - Brushed Nickel

This lighting fixture can best be described as a designer reflection of Hollywood opulence. With its four frosted carved Adelaide shades, this is a classic take on the traditional. It’s got an almost architectural design, but with small details like its brushed nickel, it brings a sheer dark color that gives a warmer tone.

The best part is that the light is dimmable, which means you can create your desired atmosphere.


Close to Ceiling - Brushed Nickel

This lighting fixture is installed close to the ceiling, bringing an antiquity of design and elegance into your home. Put this lighting fixture in the middle of a big room and it becomes quite an attention-seeking piece. Its brushed nickel also adds a sense of quality. This fixture is very energy-efficient thanks to its fluorescent lighting.


Dining Room - Brushed Nickel

The dining room chandelier is a royal symbol of opulence. Its etched glass enhances its glow and elegance. It is often the number-one choice for many designers due to its beauty and convenience.


Hall & Foyer - Brushed Nickel

This design is a classic lighting fixture that adds warmth and ambiance to a room without all the bells and whistles you’d expect from traditional chandeliers. It has one frosted bulb designed to give off a warm and attractive light in your home. Its brushed nickel exudes a minor dark color, allowing you to stay cozy and peaceful anytime you turn the lights on.


Foyer - Brushed Nickel

This standard foyer lighting fixture is nothing but a display of elegance and beauty. The light given off by this fixture is somewhere between bright, dark and warm. The etched glass ensures you get to enjoy all the modern luxuries of a custom home.


Bathroom Two Light - Brushed Nickel

From the brushed nickel back plate to the elegantly etched glass holder, this piece looks timeless — and it is! The simple styling in this fixture is fun and excellently constructed. Plus, it offers an industrial appearance in an exceptional product.


Outdoor Light

Our outdoor lights are a must-have for any classic and vintage lover. The fixture has been made to withstand the elements of weather while delivering value and functionality.


Outdoor Lighting II

This is the second option of our outdoor lighting. The difference between this and the first outdoor option is that this fixture is more traditional, yet it offers much style and elegance. It lights up well at night and is durable enough to withstand the elements of weather.


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