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Standard Laminate Countertop Options

Laminate Counter Tops for Custom Homes & Townhomes

At R&L Homes, we strive to offer only the best choices to our customers. In this category, we have exceptional laminate counter tops for your custom home and townhome.

We offer a variety of laminate counter tops differentiated by color and material, but you can trust that they are all dependable not only in design but also in efficiency.



The Blackstone is a unique lamination option. It’s easy to preserve thanks to its stain- and scratch-resistance and general durability.


Butterum Granite

The Butterum Granite lamination is an exceptional choice. It has a distinct design and gives off a pleasant vibe in your house.


Almond Papyrus

Almond Papyrus is known for its durability and thoughtful design. The laminate is incredibly smooth yet offers resistance from slipping. It’s also scratch- and stain-resistant.


Colorado Slate

Colorado Slate is a great lamination option for your custom home. Distinctive features include excellent resistance to scratches, stains and impacts.


Concrete Stone

Concrete Stone is durable and offers an exclusive design. It has a smooth feel and is slip-, scratch- and stain-resistant.


Jamocha Granite

Jamocha Granite isn’t just sleek — it’s also durable. It has a wild but pleasant design and is very efficient.


Mineral Spa

The Mineral Spa design is light-colored, bringing a warm and pleasant feeling into your home. The lamination is slip-, stain- and hard-impact-resistant.


Sand Crystal

This is an excellent lamination if you want to keep your countertops free from stains and scratches. It incorporates the latest designs and styles.


Portico Marble

Portico Marble is a special laminate with a superior and exclusive design. It resists slips and scratches and can complement any furniture.


Baltic Granite

Baltic Granite is an impeccably designed lamination with a unique color that complements the furniture in your home. It offers durability and efficiency and is a great addition to your lifestyle.



The Limestone design presents an earthy feeling inspired by the natural color of the limestone. It boasts high durability and is a favorite for most people.


Tuscan Marble

Tuscan Marble has a pleasing design and an enchanting color to back it up. The lamination is stain-, scratch- and spill-resistant.


Labrador Granite

Labrador Granite offers a one-of-a-kind design for your new home. The laminate has unique color features that will make your home look and feel cozy. It is slip-, stain- and scratch-resistant.


Perlato Granite

The Perlato Granite laminate is an exceptional choice thanks to its garden-fresh design. It has unique coloring that adds beauty and elegance to your new home. It’s also slip- and scratch-resistant.


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