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Standard Cabinet Options

Cabinet Options for Custom Homes & Townhomes

At R&L, we offer choices of cabinets for your new home. Our design team searches for nothing but the best-quality materials with the most appealing colors and excellent interior and exterior finishing.

We have several options in cabinets differentiated by color, material and shape. Below are just some of the cabinet options you can choose from.


Hampton Square Maple Light

This cabinet is a marvel, both in design and finish. The cabinet is made of pure maple, which is known to be strong and durable. The exterior is smoothly polished to enhance the beauty of the cabinet and enriched with deep-set elevated panels on the doors and drawers. The cabinet is square-shaped and can complement any color of furniture you may have.


Square Coffee Cabinet

The square coffee cabinet is a superb piece whose beauty enhances any room and fosters a warm atmosphere that feels just like home. The cabinet is built from 100% maple wood, which is strong and endures the test of time.

The exterior and interior are both well-finished for a classic look. The elegance displayed by this coffee cabinet will certainly set the right mood each time you walk into your home.


Sable-Maple Cabinets

The Sable cabinets have a natural wood-like appearance and feel. They are made from maple wood and have a top layer of varnish, making the cabinets waterproof and easy to dust or clean. The cabinets are square-shaped and the elevated drawers open and close with ease. The interior and exterior are elegantly finished, making this cabinet a pure work of art.


Knob Satin Nickel

All our cabinets are fitted with the Satin Nickel knob. These knobs are durable and boast smooth curves that fit well in your hand. The knobs are inspired by the traditional classic design of knobs and are brushed with satin nickel to ensure a smooth and velvety feel.