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Standard Appliances

Standard Appliances for Custom Homes & Townhouses

At R&L Homes, we provide the best appliances in terms of quality and efficiency. Our team works hard to ensure our custom homes are outfitted with nothing but the best.

Our standard appliances include kitchen equipment, laundry appliances and more. In those categories, we integrate everything you need to cook and carry out any other kitchen duties. The goal is to fit your custom home with quality appliances that incorporate the latest technology on the market.

Below are the standard appliances featured in our custom homes and townhomes.


1. GE-30 Free Standing Electric Cooker

The GE-30 free standing cooker is a new kind of cooker that impresses with its performance and appearance.

The cooker is white in color and has five burners to allow you cook multiple meals at any given time. The cooker also has a mini oven at the center for baking and roasting. At the top of the burner, there are knobs to control the flames and the oven. The cooker is easy to clean and maintain.


2. GE-30 Free Standing Electric Microwave

The GE-30 free standing electric microwave is a powerful appliance made in a stylish and contemporary design. The microwave is 30 inches wide, 16.5 inches long and 15.25 inches in height. It is white in color and has touch buttons.

The defrosting time and power level can be set automatically or manually depending on your preferences. It also removes smoke, steam and odors through built-in ventilation.


3.GE-21.0 Top Freezer Refrigerator

The GE-21.0 top freezer refrigerator is another magnificent standard kitchen appliance we offer. The fridge is 32.25 inches wide, which means it has ample space to fit your groceries and other items that need refrigeration.

The shelves of the refrigerator are made of glass that's adjustable and spill-resistant. The fridge also offers adjustable humidity drawers to keep your food fresh. It also has a convenient snack drawer for storing goodies you regularly consume and want to access quickly.


4. GE Built-in Dishwasher

The GE built-in dishwasher is another standard appliance we offer. It has a two-level robust washing system that cleans your dishes quickly and thoroughly. A unique feature of this dishwasher is its two-stage filtration system with extra-fine filters to keep the water clean.

The system crushes food into small particles which are washed away while ensuring there is no blockage. This dishwasher also provides ideal water temperatures to enhance performance.


5. GE-6.0-Ft. Extra-Large Capacity Washing Machine

The washing machine is extra-large in size to handle all your laundry. It has been constructed to do your laundry fast and wash clothes well. The interior is made to last for many years thanks to its scratch-resistant material.

The washing machine also features four heating selections to dry your clothes well and fast. The appliance also features an auto dry option where it monitors moisture levels and adjusts the time needed to dry accordingly.


6. GE-Horsepower Continuous Feed Disposal

The GE-horsepower continuous feed disposal features the latest technology available in feed disposal appliances. With a powerful 0.5-HP grinding motor, it reaches maximum speed quickly and prevents jams and clogs.

It’s easy to use and ensures you can dispose of your kitchen waste cleanly and conveniently, every time.


7. GE 3.0 Ft. Super Capacity Washer

This washer has a large capacity to handle lots of laundry. The interior is made to last for many years. It also comes with pre-programmed settings for washing fabric daily. The appliance also offers a variety of temperatures to provide excellent washing functions.


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